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School, library, or district web sites make it easy for students to find the best online resources to help with their research. These Web sites should prominently display any online resources to which the school subscribes, or has access via a statewide or consortia program.

To help schools promote their Britannica Online resources, Britannica makes available images and logos for your use. Schools can include these images on their web sites, and create links that allow students to easily access Britannica.

Instructions for downloading and saving images:
Windows Users: Right-click the mouse button on the image. You will see a menu that has an option for "Save Picture As." Select this option, and use the "Save Picture" dialogue box to save the file to your machine.
Macintosh Users: Click the mouse button on the image, and keep it held down until you can select "Save This Image." Select this option and use the dialogue box to save the file to your machine.


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