Britannica Pathways: ScienceTM

Transform Misconceptions into Understanding through Inquiry-Based Exploration

Empower your students to make evidence-based conclusions on relevant issues across the Biological, Chemical, Earth & Space and Physical Sciences.

Students learn the crucial skill of critical thinking while increasing and reinforcing their understanding of difficult science concepts.

A highly visual and interactive interface with relevant and trusted articles, videos and images from Britannica School, ensures students remain engaged and connected in the classroom, home, or any learning environment.

The Student Module in Britannica Pathways: ScienceTM allows flexibility in learning as students can work independently, in small groups, or as a class.

The Teacher Module allows for flexible implementation and the necessary tools and data to assist teachers to monitor, respond and guide students quickly and easily.

Britannica Pathways: ScienceTM with almost 100 interactive lessons across 10 key science topics, is aligned to the following Curriculums:

Australian Curriculum: Science Years 6 to 10

NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum: Science Stages 3 to 5

New Zealand Curriculum for Levels 3 – 8

Awards & Accolades

Teachers' Choice Award
 Press Release

Winner of SIMO Educational Innovation
Award 2013
Press Release

”The self-paced nature of the lessons means the teacher is free to help the weaker or slower students- particularly in mixed ability classes." Read full review

”The teacher module has full lesson guidance and lesson plans and supports teachers with varying levels of experience.” Read full review

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