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New Design and Feature Packed 'Fast and Easy to Use'

An all new site design to meet the needs of today’s students and faculty. Now with ‘responsive design’, Britannica®Academic provides a fast convenient way to access high-quality, comprehensive information across disciplines and subjects. 

Britannica®Academic is unmatched in its coverage and accuracy and has been praised for its accessibility and reader engagement, with a variety of multimedia and research tools that accompany the articles. 

Unmatched Accuracy and Unique Perspectives

Britannica employs a dedicated staff of in-house professionals – and has an extensive network of Nobel laureates, renowned scholars, advisers, content specialists and writers – who ensure that Britannica Academic is current, accurate, unbiased, relevant, comprehensive, international in scope and engaging to all students, researchers and faculty.

The Essentials for Conducting Thorough Research - All from One Site!

Britannica Academic provides fast, reliable and convenient access to high quality content whether it’s a comprehensive answer or just a quick and clear overview of a topic, event,
fact, place or person.
A fresh and engaging look, with a new user interface and a cleaner overall design. Predictive search together with Keyword and Boolean options make this fast and easy to use.


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