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Students and educators can access their Britannica Online subscriptions through mobile devices including the iPhone and Blackberry. Simply have your institution's username and password ready for authentication, and you will have anytime, anywhere access to Britannica!
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Trial any of the Britannica Online Products today! You will have 30 days to peruse at your leisure. Simply click the link on the left and fill in an online form or just phone (+61 2) 9915-8800 and state what type of institution you are and the country you are calling from. Arrange a suitable time for an online demonstration then sit back relax and be taken through the site.
Now available for schools! This is an interactive, step-by-step approach to a true understanding of science for Years 6 to 10. Students learn by doing, participating, discussing and concluding. Each lesson uses probe questions to help start the conversation about what students are thinking and why, and then follows a consistent progression based on student responses. More details....

"Britannica Online is probably the most complete reference tool and study aid I have encountered. Its name alone ensures confidence in the accuracy of content and this is enhanced by a support team which excels in customer service."
- Howard Boyle, Information and Access Coordinator, Southern Tablelands Regional Library

"...definitely an A+ program" - School Library Journal

"user-friendly…easy to search and find information at several reading levels…very useful for students and anyone preparing a presentation. An excellent resource for public libraries.”- Booklist


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